A Journey of a Thousand Miles

It’s true that a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step, and, therefore, it seems only fitting that  a successful blogger must begin with an initial blog.  As an avid reader, I have always loved the written word…yet, I have never felt led to produce my own. However, after a series of conversations with my already-blogging teenage daughter, I was forced to admit that my role as a teacher did not end simply because I left the classroom.  God continues to stretch my thinking and challenge my stereotypes on so many areas of life, and, while I certainly do not not claim to have all of the answers, I pray that someone else can glean a little wisdom of their own through my experiences.

The theme of this blog is actually very simple…this will consist of my thoughts on my life and my experiences.   While meat processing and cattle producing are my business, my family and my children are my heart.  These areas come together in my family’s support of NC FFA and 4-H.  Through this blog, we will discuss HACCP, the definition of a sustainable farm, why I don’t allow my daughter to SnapChat, the importance of agricultural education, and what it’s like to be married to someone completely opposite from you….all while honoring God in the process!

While I don’t know where this journey will take us, I thank you for partnering with me as we take these initial steps together!


2 thoughts on “A Journey of a Thousand Miles

  1. Love reading your blog, it gave me an insight to yourself, I am a student of culinary at Carteret Community College and I met Mr. Robinette in one of my classes. He came to talk about the cattle and how the farm is operated, very informative. I look forward to reading your next blog.

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