Become a Friend of Starlight Family

While researching the area I will be visiting in Uganda, I came across the website for a local school and orphanage.  Upon further investigation, I came to understand that Starlight Family a private school and orphanage in the remote area of Kibogo with very limited funds and resources.  These precious students have no real educational curriculum or supplies; lack basic items for survival such as shoes, clothing and undergarments; and several of the teachers have not received a paycheck this entire school year due to lack of funds.  Unlike many schools in Uganda, there is no sponsoring organization for these students…their only provisions come from what they can generate themselves or through the donations of others.

Starlight Family

Because my hotel is only a few miles from this school, I plan to visit with the students and staff of Starlight during my stay and will be delivering much needed supplies.  I would love to shower this school with love and support, and I welcome my friends and family to join me!

If You Only Have $1

There are lots of items that can be found at The Dollar Tree that would make a huge difference for these students.  Jump ropes, plain and colored pencils, ink pens, jigsaw puzzles, educational board games and  workbooks, children’s Bibles, antibiotic creams, toothbrushes, and band aids are all greatly needed.

If You Only Have $5

Children’s undergarments are a huge need for this school.   Also, gently used clothing, including light-weight sweaters, has been requested.  (Please keep in mind this will be the only “new” item of clothing that many of these children have ever received, so the better quality and functionality of the items the longer it will last in the hot and dusty Uganda conditions.) 

If You Only Have $10

This is where the greatest needs often fall.  There is a huge need for children’s mosquito needs to help prevent malaria.  The school has found a source in Uganda to order these for $6.50 each and is requesting donations for this purpose.   Gently used blankets, children’s bedsheets, and backpacks are also greatly needed, along with shoes that can withstand the rough terrain.

Additional Needs

Money is needed to fund these teacher’s salaries.  $165 will pay one teacher’s salary for one month.  The staff has also requested teacher materials and textbooks, along with classroom sets of student curriculum for all grade levels.

For anyone feeling especially generous, the director has requested a laptop and a digital camera so that he can post more pictures and share updates on the internet about the school and the students. 

I will be using my checked luggage to carry as many items as I can squeeze into two suitcases; other items will be purchased when I arrive. However, I can promise that all contributions will be personally delivered and used exclusively to support the children at Starlight Family.

Please visit Starlight’s website ( and like them on Facebook ( to see for yourself the conditions of this school and the needs of these students.  While I realize that not everyone can donate, your prayers for the health, safety, and prosperity of these children is equally as valuable.

Thank you in advance for partnering with me to show the love of Jesus to these Kibogo children!



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