Living a Life Worth Writing About

My brain is a series of blog posts…each of them neatly written and ready for submission at the end of every life-altering event.  In my mind, all I need is five uninterrupted minutes on the laptop to “wow” my audience (also known as MY MOTHER) with the profound wisdom (and random musings) occurring inside my head.  Blogging is easy…but unfortunately, life is not.

As a wife and a mama, let’s be real…uninterrupted time simply doesn’t exist.  And, on those rare moments that it does occur, I’m too tired to pull out the laptop and document it.  Those award-winning blog posts are neglected in favor a DVR episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” or a solo trip to Target.  My mental health may be restored by those quick escapes, but the words of the unwritten blog still play in my head…waiting to be released.

For example, I want to tell you about my journey back to the classroom and how God is merging my two professions – agriculture and teaching – into a passionate agvocate for kids, farms, and food.  I want you to see the food insecurity of my community and get to know the child who “secretly” passes her school lunch sandwich to another student in the foster care system each day because he fears being forced from his latest home with nothing to eat.  I want to tell you about the ag ed program we have started at the school and the food pantry that the students organized.  I want you to hear the walls between blacks and whites – “haves” and “have nots” – slowly crumbling as the people of my Southern farming community uses charter school education to bring a much needed unity to our area.

I also want to tell you about our farm and all the exciting things that are happening here.  We have signed on with a distributor who understands the value of local food and is partnering with us to tell our family’s story.  I want to talk with you about beef jerky and the possibilities that exist in the ready-to-eat market.  I want to shout the results of our recent audits for both humane handling and food safety…introduce you to my wonderful staff and the great work they are doing to ensure the quality of our products.  Beef production and meat processing are amazing!

I even want to tell you about the private pains…struggling to give my baby girl independence while also not wanting her to grow up…watching my son cry over the loss of his chickens and his hunting dog within the past month…balancing my desire to lead with God’s commandment to submit within my marriage.  I want you to know how important my faith is and how real my God is…and the daily struggle to be the woman that He has called me to be.

Unfortunately, I seem to be so busy living life lately that I haven’t had much time to actually write about it.  It’s become increasingly aware to me that my platform for communication may be more verbal than written in this life season.  Instead of writing about my feelings and life events, I believe that God is calling me to speak out about them instead.  However, while I patiently wait for someone to ask me to share these random insights and ramblings, I will continue writing the blog posts in my head…and living a life that is worth writing about!


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